Manifesting + Action

Manifesting is a hot thing in entrepreneurial and self-help circles these days. While I love the focus that is being placed on manifesting your dreams and the life you want, I do feel as though there is often a missing link in this discussion.


The act of manifesting, or setting your intentions, is absolutely critical to reaching your dreams and building the life you want. However, we simply cannot stop there. We must then take action and work toward the destiny we are creating.

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Getting clear about where you want to be, creating positive mantras around that future and maintaining a positive and hopeful outlook will go a long way to helping you create the life of your dreams. But let’s not stop the conversation there.


Instead, let’s take those intentions and break them down into action steps that will move us forward. While you will not get anywhere without a clear intention set, you also won’t manifest anything without intentional work toward your goal.


  • We cannot just speak things into existence, but the things we speak can drive our actions.

  • We cannot just dream and hope for things to get better, but our dreams can lay the roadmap for our actions.

  • We cannot simply positive vibe our way into the life we’ve always wanted, but we can use our positive outlook to push past obstacles, find solutions and set our feet to move.


The manifest your dreams theory is only as good as the action behind your manifesting. So, let’s lay out a clear path to creating a life we really want to live:


Manifest a clear end point. Set your intentions and get clear on what you want.

Allow those intentions to infiltrate your thinking and guide your outlook.

Take that positive, hopeful, focused outlook and create an action plan with the steps necessary to have the life you really want.

Work toward your destiny with mantras that keep you going and taking action toward your goal.

Get some accountability and encouragement to help you stay focused.

Revisit your dreams, make adjustments and keep going.     


Manifesting alone will get you nowhere fast. However, intentions clearly set with action and accountability will have you living the life you love in no time!